Statehood ultimate solution for woes of Jammu region: Harsh


Jammu, 08-05-2018:  With Kashmir’s unrelenting dominance in the political landscape of the state, it was virtually impossible for Jammu region to get a fair deal and its due share under the existing setup, observed Mr. Harsh Dev Singh JKNPP Chairman and Former Minister. He said that while the issue of Jammu’s neglect and its deprivation was being raised by almost all political and social organizations of the region, yet the much needed initiative to evolve a solution or to fight the bias was conspicuously missing. He said that it was JKNPP alone which had repeatedly brought in public domain and aggressively agitated against the most contemptuous and ugly episodes of bias doled out to Jammu region by successive govts. With Jammu made to reconcile with its second class status by various govts and more particularly the present saffron flavoured govt, the JKNPP stand stood fully vindicated that statehood for Jammu was the only and ultimate solution for all ills afflicting the highly deprived region.

          Pointing towards the yesterday’s ruling of the Supreme Court in Rasana case, Mr. Singh said that the people of Jammu region had to eat a humble pie once again. He said that though no comments could be made in respect of the Supreme Court’s verdict which had to be accepted and respected with all humility by everyone, the role and stand taken by of the BJP-PDP govt was highly reprehensible. He said that the opposition to the demand of CBI probe by the BJP partnered govt had once again shocked the Jammu people, whose sole objective in seeking transfer of investigations was to unveil the truth and to punish the real culprits behind the heinous offence. Accusing the BJP of endorsing the separatist agenda of their ally with respect to almost all issues, Mr. Singh said that people of Dogras land were fast losing their patience. “For how long shall the people of Jammu continue to be governed and suppressed by successive govts’ hostile decisions based on the dictates of Geelani and other separatist forces” questioned Harsh.

Lambasting the lame duck Ministers of the saffron brigade, Mr. Singh said that nothing could be expected of such leaders who could not get even a holiday declared on 23rd September despite the most popular demand of their electorates who had given them 25 seats. Declaration of Maharaja Hari Singh’s birthday as a holiday was another emotive demand of the people of Jammu irrespective of their caste, creed, religion a political affiliations which too could not be fulfilled by the imbecile leadership, said Harsh. Likewise the issues of deportation of Rohingyas and Bangladeshis and withdrawal of the decision with regard to tribal settlement were also disregarded by the unholy alliance creating huge dis-enchantment amongst the masses. In the same way, he added, the BJP-PDP combine had withdrawn cases against 9730 stone-pelters but those booked during Amarnath Ji land row were still being victimized. He said that the saffron rule had witnessed the biggest betrayal of the collective sentiments of Dogras by the BJP Ministers who chose to follow the Kashmir centric doctrine even with regard to the most sensitive issues, rued Singh. With regional sensibilities becoming irreconcilable with each passing day, added Mr. Singh, the demand for statehood alone could satisfy the urges and aspirations of the people of the ignored and belittled Jammu Pradesh.


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