SOS Intl submits Memorandum to Dr. Jitendra Singh


Udhampur, April 12: Rajiv Chuni Chairman S. O. S. International – an Organization for PoK Displaced Persons (DPs) Memorandum to Hon’ble Union Minister Dr. Jitendra Singh on behest of PoK DPs in presence of PoK DPs and other office bearers of District Reasi and Udhampur at Gole Market, Udhampur. In the memorandum, some of genuine problems and demands of PoK Displaced Persons for scrutiny and appropriate action were highlighted.

After submitting the memorandum, Mr. Chuni counted ingredients of memorandum and said that it was handed over to Dr. Jitendra Singh so that it must be reached Prime Minister of India Narendra Modi and Home Minister of India Rajnath Singh so that they come to know about pitiful plight of PoK DPs who have been waiting for complete justice after the lapse of 70 years.

He further said that PoK DPs who are 13 lakh in populace were forcefully thrown out from their ancestral places i.e. Mirpur, Muzaffarabad and some parts of Poonch are constraint to spend their live in inhumane conditions and now, these erstwhile places of J&K  are now placed under the illegal occupation of Pakistan. “We were given shelter in J&K and other parts of country after bloodshed that took place during the tribal invasion supported by Pakistan army. It has been more than 7 decades but we haven’t been provided with much awaited justice that is absolutely uncalled for”, he added.

He demanded to set up PoK DPs Development Board in order to preserve cultural, linguistic and social identities as these have been eroded with passage of time. He added that during the period of exile, these identities have been eroded away so in order to safeguard them board is needed.

“The whole BJP leadership of State has shown concern for Valley migrants, nobody took the trouble to talk about the plights of PoK DPs. Valley migrants are given all kinds of relief whether it’s monthly cash assistance, free ration, reservation to wards in technical and professional colleges across India, employment package, and many more but PoK DPs are kept at bay nothing is given to them. Is it called justice between displaced communities”? he asked.

He further said that Organizational General Secretary of BJP, Mr. Ashok Koul has become the epitome of discrimination as this person only talks about Kashmiri Pandits; he has nothing to do with other communities especially PoK DPs. “He has become the flag bearer of recently happened event of giving permission to KPs to visit religious places locating in PoK. This move of this Organizational General Secretary pinched PoK DPs like spear as these religious places in PoK fore mostly for them and they must be given precedence to visit and pay obeisance to their deities. Very vital temple of Sharda Peeth is sign of faith for PoK DPs and we all pray to our goddess. It is very unfortunate that KPs are given everything they ask for. Government has kept this demand of visiting temples and religious places in PoK on top priority that is absolutely unfortunate. Surprisingly, he has awaken from deep slumber for demanding visiting religious places but one question arises here that where was he during late 80’s and 90’s? Now he is making hue and cry over it makes no sense as he proved that he vowed to think only about community from where he belongs”, he stated.

He further said that Government of Jammu and Kashmir has brought up a new policy for KPs and under this policy free health insurance will be given to every Kashmiri Pandit. “It seems that KPs are only human species exist in the State that requires every possible benefit from Government. PoK DPs are also human beings as they also fall ill, Government ought to bring this policy for all the people who got displaced”, Mr. Chuni stated. He added that recently, a cell was created in New Delhi exclusively for Kashmiri Pandits. Government should have accommodated PoK DPs in it in order to provide equality this destitute community.

He stated cash amount of Rs 5. 50 lakh is going on snail’s pace after the announcement and only 25% PoK DPs have been covered under it and if disbursal of cash assistance goes on this speed, it will take more than 10 years to execute it. He urged to expedite the process of disbursement so that PoK DPs get the meager amount announced by Government. He further said that Inter-Ministerial committee must be constituted to see the conditions under which we are spending our lives. “As promised, 5 seats must be given to PoK DPs and Government should think about this. In upcoming Legislative Council Polls, one of person belongs to PoK DPs community must be given seat in upper house”, he added.

He further stated that S.O.S. International regrets that Government announced cash assistance for 26, 319 families who are registered in J&K but what is the fault of 53, 00 families who were told to go outside the state by citing some reasons? “These 53, 00 families were kept out of the package that is totally injustice to them. We urge Government to include them in the package as they are also the part and parcel of state”, S. O. S. International Chairman added.


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