Saffron Party blowing hot and cold in same breath: Harsh


Jammu, 09-04-2018:  Accusing the BJP of double standards yet again over the issue of Rasana rape and murder case, Mr. Harsh Dev Singh Chairman JKNPP and former Minister lambasted the Saffron brigade for colluding with PDP in persisting with Crime Branch probe on one hand and pressing upon its second line leaders to protest against the move on the other. He rebuked the BJP Ministers for their criminal acquiescence in PDPs decision of probe in Asifa Bano case through state agencies in the cabinet and using its C and D grade leaders to issue statements in favour of CBI probe. He said that people were wise enough to see through the game plan of double faced BJP which was playing to galleries merely for keeping its alliance intact with its Kashmir centric partner and to mislead Jammu people on the other hand. He was addressing a press conference in Jammu today.

Accusing the BJP-PDP government of its failure in conducting fair and transparent investigation in the Rasana child homicide case, Mr. Harsh Dev Singh said that the unholy alliance which had failed to deliver good governance was purportedly fomenting trouble and flaring up tensions with a motive to polarize the electorate for serving its political interests. Demanding immediate CBI probe into the brutal crime and exemplary punishment to culprits irrespective of any caste, creed or religion, he said that the mass detentions of the youth besides harassment of innocent people under the pretext of investigation by the Crime Branch of J&K Police had created an atmosphere of fear psychosis in the entire Hiranagar and village Rasana in particular. The mass exodus of the residents of Rasana followed by violent clashes between the protestors and the police at Chadwal couple of weeks ago took place due to severe public persecution by the State government, Harsh said.

Holding the ‘dirty combine’ responsible for the mess and prevailing breakdown of law and order in the State and Jammu province in particular, he smelled a deep rooted conspiracy of both Saffron party and PDP in provoking the people and fanning communal passions under a well devised strategy of ‘divide and rule’. He said that BJP had bowed down before its ally and failed to provide justice to the people and as such, its ministers should immediately resign as they had lost moral right to continue in the office. “Asifa Bano homicide case should be handed over to CBI for transparent and unbiased probe. It’s the collective demand of the people which the State government should fulfil in the light of democracy. Any kind of inordinate delay in justice would be perceived as justice denied. The perpetrators of the heinous crime should be apprehended and brought to justice”, Harsh said.

Mr. Harsh Dev Singh said that it was not only the lame duck posturing of BJP which had angered the people of Jammu region, but the dichotomy in the statements of its Ministers, MLAs and other Leaders of BJP who were making highly incongruous and utterly irreconcilable statements on the issues of Jammu region. He said that the utterly confusing statements emanating from BJP was indicative of its deep rooted frustration and bafflement at the prospect of its loss of power in view of growing public unrest in the region.

Flaying the BJP for its highly nauseating approach and outrageous conduct, Mr. Singh said that the Saffron party must realize that people can’t be cajoled by delusive announcements. He warned the BJP to desist from blowing hot and cold in the same breath by playing the role of opposition and govt. at the same time. Reminding the BJP of its ramboesque pro Jammu rhetoric, he said that all its tall slogans of justice to Jammu had evaporated in thin air after assuming power. He said that three year rule had exposed the myth of BJP’s bravado and displayed the spineless BJP in its true colours. Warning the BJP to assert in the wake of public anger having risen to its crescendo, Mr. Singh said that any further delay could disfigure its image beyond redemption.

Mr. Paramjit Singh Marshall State President Panthers Trade Union and Mr. Gagan Pratap Singh State Secretary JKNPP were also present in the press conference.


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