NSF protests Govt move to release 9730 stone pelters


Samba:5-02-18: The member of National Secular Forum (NSF) under the leadership of their GDC Unit President Rahul Sharma held a protest in front of Govt. Degree College Samba against the release of 9730 stone pelters in Kashmir.

Addressing the gathering here today, National Secular Forum (NSF) GDC Unit President Rahul Sharma today  the criticized the state government headed by Mehbooba Mufti to give clemency to 9730 stone pelters just to serve her constituency in the valley.

He said that this development is obviously with the consent of BJP ministers who have failed to seek release and withdrawal of cases on persons from Jammu framed during Amaranth row in the year 2008. He demanded that similar clemency needs to be shown and all persons apprehended and cases filed in 2008 be released and cases withdrawn.

When stone pelters throwing stones on Army are nothing short of traitors and are being released, what is the hitch for the government and BJP leaders to press for release of protestors of Amaranth row, which was not an act against the entity of state or country, Rahul added.

He further said that though state government is run by alliance of PDP and BJP, but on this issue of national importance, state government led by Mehbooba Mufti got the FIR lodged against Army with couple of BJP legislators opposing her action and majority of BJP legislators including its ministers maintained criminal silence to keep PDP in good humour which is absolutely shameful and an act of denigrating Indian Army.

He vehemently lashed out at the duel standard of state and Centre governments for releasing thousands of stone pelters from jails few months ago thereby promoting the incidents of stone pelting manifold in the recent past with the latest sordid episode in Shopian District of Kashmir must serve as an eye opener for the BJP government in Delhi.

Calling upon the PM Modi to revisit his Kashmir policy in the overall interests of national minded citizens living in J&K state in particular and those in the country in general so that peaceful and  congenital atmosphere is restored before it gets too late.

Rahul demanded immediate withdrawal of FIR against the army and also urged the BJP government to withdraw support from the PDP party and impose Governor Rule to surmount the deteriorating security scenario in the state without further delay.

Among those who were present in the protest included, Rakesh Slathia, Arun Singh , Sushil Sharma, Arun Bhardwaj, Vikas Sharma ,Shivani Verma, Sahil Singh, Akash Sharma, Jagmohan Singh, Raman Baloria, Vikrant Slathia, Sandeep Sharma, Bhanu Slathia, Ajay kumar,Rishabh Sharma, haran Pargotra, Abhinash Jamwal, andothers.


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