JKSU appeal to GOVERNOR revocation of SRO – 202

Jammu Aug 22: Today Girls activist of Jammu Kashmir Student Union (JKSU) held a meeting at Jammu and demand immediate abrogation of SRO 202 of 2015 in the larger interest of educated youth.
         Addressing the meeting JKSU president Lucky Singh showed deep anguish and resentment over the exploitation of educated youths of the state. Lucky criticized govt. for step motherly treatment being meted out to well educated youth of J&K state and said implementation of clause 9 with regard to pay fixation of article 14 & 39 enshrined in the indian constitution.
         Lucky highlighted shortcomings of said SRO. He said that SRO 202 is absolutely deception with youth of Starte and promulgation of said SRO have depressed newly recruited appointees by getting only basic salary without any allowances, which is insufficient in this sky rolling market. He said that at this SRO 202 under which during the five years the appointee shall be entitled to minimum pay scale which is not more than 10, 000 .  empoyes under this policy gets Rs 330/ per day which is even less then labourer.
          On the occassion Co-convnor, Partap Singh Jamwal said that it is surprising to note that BJP who got immense mandate, 25 seats from Jammu showed no resentment against this New Recruitment Policy. This was the same BJP who showed resentment against this same policy when they are out of power. But the NC- Congress after losing the   elections when came to know the ramification of this policy resulted their defeat ultimately got revoked this policy.  As far as BJP is concerned Instead of huge mandate   from Jammu region not single representative of it   raise its voice against this New Recruitment policy. They have passed the bill to increase their salaries. But what about the educated youths who are getting meager salaries Rs 7000-8000 in the price hike world. For a MLA there is price rise but for highly educated youth there is nothing leads to frustration and depression and finding other ways to earn more money. Therefore JKSU  strictly endorsed the stand to revoke this policy.
      Partap Singh Jamwal appeal to the governor of J&K to take serious concern about this matter and revoke SRO 202.
     Those female activists who were attend this meeting Sanpreet kour, Muskaan, Sonakshi Jasrotia, Navdeep kour, Sahlini sharma, Barsana, Tanvi Bhawna Pooja Priya sharma, Ridhima, Diksha jamwal, Sonia, Kiran, Manmeet kour and others


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