J&K Brahman Sabha organises Yagyopaveet (Janaeu) ceremony

Jammu Kashmir : Today Jammu Kashmir  Brahman Sabha(Regt.) is celebrating Bagwan  Parshuram ji Janmotsav with all enthusiasm and devotion toward lord parshuram at talab tillo.Sabha organised a Yagyopaveet ceremony in which 21 youths Yagyopaveet and 11 sansnkrit scholars  recited the religious sermons.
Parshuram ji, the sixth incarnation of lord Vishnu, is the epitome of valor and devotion towards parents. On the eve the President of Jammu Kashmir Brahman Sabha Atul Sharma greets a large gathering of people and tells that Parshuram bhagwan instructions and teachings are of great importance for the entire humanity to benefit from and for all the generations to come. According to him, people to take due pride in having the great gurus, saints and philosophers who have taught great values of virtue and righteousness with a universal appeal for the upliftment of whole mankind and whose teaching still prevails as a moral lesson in the society from time to time.
On the occasion, Swami Hridayanand Giri also greets all the devotees and appeals to remain united and to work for the preservation of their culture and their moral values. A large langar and bandara facility was also organized by the members of the J&K Brahman Sabha. A large number of prominent personalities were also present on this occasion including Vijay shastri,sahil shastri, Nitish Sharma,Karan sharma,Rohit Vishishit, Pourshotuam shastri, Mohit sharma, Ashwani shastri,vanshaj Sharma, Akash Raina, Bhuvan, varun sharma, bhart bhushan sharma and many other were present who arrange this function so orderly and successful.


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