Hon’ble Vice Chairman (Minister of State) J&K State Advisory Board for Development of Kisans


The Hon’ble Vice Chairman J&K State Advisory Board for Development of Kisans, Sh.Daljit Singh Chib (MoS) is on tour of three statesTelangana , Andhra Pradesh and Kerala in an effort to know the latest agricultural practices and advance technology followed by farmers of these states so that the same can be adopted and put on practice by farmers of Jammu and Kashmir state. The Hon’ble Vice Chairman interacted with the officers of Department of agriculture of Telangana in Hyderabad and also shared his experiences of agriculture followed in Jammu and Kashmir. The officers apprised to the Hon’ble Vice Chairman regarding various practices followed by farmers of Telangana. Subsequently, the Hon’ble Vice Chairman attend a programme on Zero Based Natural Farming (ZBNF) in Vijayawada, Andhra Pradesh where about 8000 farmers of states of Talengana, Karnataka , Maharashtra and AP aere present for nine days training in Zero based Natural Farming. The Hon’ble Vice Chairman interacted with PadmashriSubashPalekarji, who is pioneer in Zero Based Natural Farming and promoting ZBNF among farmers . He has also done lot of research and wrote many books on ZBNF. The Hon’ble Vice Chairman discussed with him various options to introduce ZBNF in Jammu and Kashmir. The programme was also attended by Sh. T.Vijayakumar,  IAS (Rtd), Advisor ( Agriculture and Cooperation) and Vice Chairman RhythuSadhikaraSamstha, A.P, Sh. Hari Jawaharlal,IAS,Special Commissioner of Agriculture, A.P and  Sh. R.S. Jaiswara,  Additional Director Agriculture Deptt, U.P,. The  Zero Based Natural Farming (ZBNF) or Zero Based Spiritual Farming is a holistic method in whichfarmers are discourged to buy market based inputs take chemical fertilizers, chemical pesticide etc, use farm wastes as inputs for growing plants with Zero budget and encouraged to grow healthy soil and healthy plants. The principal methods of ZBNF includes crop rotation,green manures and compost, biological pest control and mechanical cultivation. Padam-ShriSubashPalekarhighlighted the various contours of ZBNF and its benefits for farmers as well as consumers. The Vice Chairman Kisan Board J&K Sh. DaljitSingh Chib appreciated the efforts of department of Agriculture, A.P,and said that there is huge potential of Zero Based Natural Farming in J&K Statedue to its diverse topography and climatic conditions and he stressed that agriculture technocrats of J&K and Andhra Pradesh should interact with each other so that the practices adopted by farmers of A.P can be adopted by farmers of J&K State.PadamShriSubashPalekar is pioneer in organizing nine days free of cost training to farmers on Zero based natural farming also called as Zero based Spiritual Farmingwhere he highlighted various such practices that will increase the farm income of farmers and will raise their socioeconomic status. The Hon’ble Vice Chairman also highlighted the agriculture profile of Jammu & Kashmir and various activities and efforts J&K State Advisory Board for Development of Kisans for increasing income and welfare of farmers. Hon’ble Vice Chairman invited PadamShriSubashPalekar to the state of Jammu and Kashmir and requested him to conduct such training programmes here also. Continuing his tour , the Hon’ble Vice Chairman will be next meeting the Hon’ble Agriculture Minister of Kerela and he will also interact with scientists and officers of State of Kerala.


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