Jammu 10-09-18:- National Executive Council Member Er.Rishi Kaul Kilam student wing of NCP while showing anguish and concern over the sharp rise in prices of petrol,Diesel, and LPG held a protest demonstration near press club Jammu along with a large number of party leaders,student wing and other party activists.
While staging a strong demonstration Er.rishi said that people want to seek to protest and project their aspirations in economic and political sphere.
Er.Rishi while raising slogans along with his party activists claimed that BJP government has totally failed and have lost mandate and credibility,he said that the petrol hike has put the nation in sorrow and great loss.
He added that the present BJP dispensation have failed to protect the economic interests of the poor people and could not bring atmosphere of unity and brotherhood among the people of all sections.
Showing resentment anti BJP slogans were raised and effigy of BJP dispensation was torched over the inflation and ten times hike in petrol and diesel prices.
Er.Rishi Kaul Kilam while lambasting the BJP government said that if circumtances remaina the same the Student wing of NCP will come on streets and will struggle till BJP government ends.
Students and the youth are under these circumtances ready to bring a permanent people friendly revolution because now enough is enough.
Er.rishi added that people with good faith trusted BJP and wanted a change for better and gave them mandate but as ill luck would have it Mr Modi  and his associates kept the nation in good humour and in return betrayed the people by making false promises with no substantial developments.
BJP and PDP absolutely also betrayed J&K people and disappointed and cheated  J&K people  and crossed all the limits by way of corruption,nepotism,backdoor appointments and discrimination.
This was the worst ever government that people of J&K have experienced.
But who is responsible for it,the center government headed by BJP is answerable for this ugly situation.
The problems of Kashmiri migrants have increased.Named of over one lakh Kashmiri hindus are deleted from the voter lists under a conspiracy and shameless BJP kept mum because they simply wanted to remain in power.
Rishi added that it is surprising that the BJP national president Amit shah is claming to form a again BJP government in 2019 with gurantee.
It shows their ill motive and highheadedness.
He cannot befool the people of the nation this time and his living in a fools paradise.
Bharat Kumar state Secretary NCP also spoke on this occassion and said that there are issues related to SC and warned the government not to play with the sentiments of SC community.
Er.Rishi added that the people of Jammu should not be made to suffer for the drama created by Kashmiri leaders by avoiding the forthcomming panchayat and Muncipal elections.
He said the elections should b held in Jammu provience as Jammu is heading towards a separate state.
others who attended protest demonstration were TK Kaul State Vice president NCP,RS Billoweria,
Kuldeep khushu,Bharat Kumar state Secretary NCP,Usha Devi women wing,Kunal Singh bhassan,pooja,Harminder kour,Chandni Singh,Mashqur Ahmed media incharge,Riyaz Ahmad media secretary,Anil Kumar,vijay kumar,


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