CAPD meaningless after stopping distribution of all other commodities except flour and rice: KD


Jammu: Strongly advocating the winding up of Consumer Affair & Public Distribution in the interest of state, the Kranti Dal, Jammu & Kashmir said that department has lost its relevance and purpose as the government has stopped distribution of all other commodities except flour and rice. Addressing a press conference, the state president Kranti Dal, Jammu & Kashmir Mr Pritam Sharma said that the government had stopped distributing maximum commodities including sugar and kerosene oil, which is matter of concern, thus the existence of Consumer Affair & Public Distribution department has no role to play in the state and it is advisable for the government to wind up the department to save state exchequer. He further said that the government has reduced quantity of commodities including rice to one kilogram and flour to four kilogram. “The government is cracking cruel joke with the people of state that one must eat only five kilogram and not beyond it,” he added.Expressing wonder over the existing system of Consumer Affair & Public Distribution, he said, “It is ridiculous that to distribute only five kilograms rice and flour the government has raised a separate and independent department with an independent ministry besides hundreds of employees have been engaged and thus putting a burden of crores of rupees on state exchequer, which has no relevance and purpose.” Stocks handling per month 62,59,000qtls Total Sales 335 Crores per month Total Staff 600 approx  Salary of staff 18 crores & other expenditures like administrative, storage, transportation etc.He added that with winding up the department crores of rupees of public money can be saved and utilized in other purpose of state as the government, which would also avoid any sort of bungling or misappropriations. “If we calculate the entire amount being spend on the salary of the employees and ministers besides extra expensive made on them and raising official structure involving huge amount then it is crystal clear that the costs of one kg flour and rice goes more than Rs 500, which is matter of concern,” he said.  Suggesting the government to immediate wind up the CAPD, he said that government should adopt the policy of direct transferring the money in the accounts of beneficiary as the government had adopted the policy in the case of LPG gas delivery. He said that state government and Chief Minister should come clear on this issue whether they would allow such kind of misuse of state exchequer or they are honest to plug such type of leaking. He said that there are many stances of embezzlement done by the officers time to time in the department and with the winding up of department the chances of embezzlement should be reduced to zero.Strongly opposing and expressing surprise over the size of new so called ration cards issuing to consumers, he said that people are in catch-22 situation after seeing the size of ration card is length 28 cm and breadth 22.5 cm, which creates inconvenience to carry it or to get it Photostat. He said that government promised to provide us digital ration card but on ground it provided us ration card resembling to a bigger magazine. He said that government is reducing the quantity of commodities, whereas increased the size of ration card.  Other senior leaders who attend the press conference Raj Roop Singh, Vijay Kumar, Thakur Karnal Chand, Tarun Gupta, Hamneed Mania, Anil Sharma, Akhil Gandotra and others.


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