BJP Social Media Department holds state meeting


J&K BJP State IT & Social Media Department led by its state Incharge Jaidev Rajwal conducted its state level meeting at party headquarter, Trikuta Nagar. The meeting was chaired by BJP State General Secretary (Org.) Ashok Kaul along with State General Secretaries Dr. Narinder Singh and Harinder Gupta.

While addressing the meeting, Ashok Kaul concentrated on the vision of modern world. He said that the modern generation and particularly the youth is attached to the social media sites most of the time. He said that the modern generation is aware of all the happenings in whole world. He said that keeping in considerations the modern aspects, our party activists and particularly those dealing with the Social Media and IT sections have to focus on all the aspects of the changing world and its trends. He said that the social media is a wonderful tool to propagate our party’s ideology throughout the world.

While asking to highlight the achievements of the party at every platform, Kaul concentrated on the fact that along with the positives many negative things are also frequently available on the social media sites. So every activist must keep a close vigil on the things happening around and counter with full force. He also prompted the participants to form minimum 5 members at the district level to effectively work on the matter and conduct regular meetings accordingly.

Dr. Narinder Singh, while addressing in the meeting, emphasized on the role of media and the social media in the modern society. He said that the people use social media to support a issue or cause they feel strongly for, to pass valuable information, to interact with other people, to feel participation in trending issues etc. thus making an effective tool in the hands of those who want to share anything about anything in the world.

Harinder Gupta emphasized on the role of mobile in the social media visits in terms domination of online minutes by mobile user owing to the ease of accessibility. He said that the maximum of the news gets propagated thorough the social media sites these days as they provide a medium of communication on the go to all the users thus making it an effective tool for the politicians to highlight their achievements.

Jaidev Rajwal gave a representation on the modus operandi of the Social Media and IT Department of the state. He also apprised all the participants of the effective ways to use and utilize the social media for the benefit of the organization. He concentrated on the use of modern ways to remain in touch with the audience. He also prompted all participants to be more active on the social media sites.


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