BJP indulging in theatrics to conceal its failures: Harsh


Ramnagar, 30-06-2018:  Amused over the BJP leaders’ patting their backs for having projected the issues of Jammu region before the Governor, Mr. Harsh Dev Singh JKNPP Chairman and Former Minister said that such noisy frolic had only evoked cynicism rather than appreciation. He was referring to the statements issued by BJP after its leaders met the Governor and reportedly raised the ‘pressing demands’ of Jammu and its people. “Such Jangle and rattle created by BJP is ridiculous. It only reveals your failure. Having failed to deliver when the reins of power lay in your own hands, you are now indulging in theatrics with a lengthy list of demands submitted to Governor only to hood wink the people on the eve of Parliamentary elections,” said Harsh. He was addressing a public meeting in village Bhugtarian of Ramnagar constituency today.

          “The fact remains that BJP has played treachery upon the people of Jammu. It has betrayed the collective sentiment of Dogras. It took a U-turn on not only its election promises but its core fundamentals for power sake. It indulged in declamatory, bombastic talks during elections only to befool them for vote politics. The people have recognized the real character of its leaders and no facade of deceptive posturing can now camouflage their real intents”, said Harsh.

          The people of Jammu have been antagonized more by the cowardly surrenders of BJP and its successive compromises over the nationalist agenda in Kashmir than anything else, said Harsh. The Release of more than 9000 stone-pelters , the amnesty to anti-nationals by calling them political prisoners, the appeasement of anti-national elements and separatists, the humiliation of armed forces, the dishonour of national symbols and Flag, the insult to Dogra pride and honour were the bitter memories that would continue to haunt the people of Jammu for years, said Harsh.

          Having failed to deliver on a single promise during the three and a half year rule, the BJP was now indulging in tantrums and boisterous extravaganza by claiming to have raised the issues of Jammu with the Governor. It was amusing to see them expressing their concern for the early completion of Artificial Tawi Lake Project immediately after losing power when they could not initiate any action whatsoever on the abandoned project while in power. It was further a fun to note their enthusiasm  in projecting before the Governor, the issues of West Pak Refugees, IB and LoC residents besides raising the demands for early completion of AIIMS, five Medical Colleges, IIT and IIM, smart cities besides four laning of roads and Highways sanctioned several years back.

          Having been exposed for their opportunistic politics, the recent deceptive statements of BJP and its melodramatic rants could never impress the people of Jammu who were eagerly awaiting for the ensuing elections, said Singh. He appealed the people to support and strengthen Panthers Party which alone could assuage the hurt psyche of Jammu people.


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